What We Offer Our Portfolio Companies


At ASPYRE our portfolio companies are our top priority. We take extra steps to be sure that the service we deliver to them is dependable, timely, and reliable. We live up to our core values and ensure our One Culture; One Approach; One Strategy is embedded in each company. We ensure our entrepreneurs and their teams are treated with the courtesy and the respect they deserve. The value of the service we give them cannot be overstressed.

We stay in close contact with our entrepreneurs to show we care about the success of their businesses, the product in their market, and that we value the relationship. Treating the entrepreneurs as priority enables us to create profitable, lifelong partnerships. Even more importantly, keeping in constant contact with our entrepreneurs ensures that we provide the best solutions and that if there are any bumps along the road, we can smooth them out quickly, with minimal fuss. This is our route to making those we invest in our No.1 priority and No. 1 in their industry.

Aspyre is about Working Smart not Hard

We are good at what we do; full stop. Our team is always on the lookout for passionate and talented entrepreneurs with exceptional businesses. We look for people with great ideas and great business opportunities that need our help and support, no matter what shape or form the support needed.

We invest the time and resources required to make a significant difference to the entrepreneur and the business, whether the business is in it’s start-up, early or growth stage. To us it’s not just about the money, it’s about the difference we can make to the entrepreneurs and the business.

We often roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches, getting actively involved in our companies, so we can help them create amazing value for their customers, transform their business and dominate their industries. We are committed to ensuring the fair treatment of those passionate entrepreneurs we invest in is at the heart of everything we do and want to achieve.

We not only work on the business but on the entrepreneurs themselves to develop them on a personal level, as we believe a business is only as strong as its leadership. We provide business mentoring and coaching as standard to our entrepreneurs, but where necessary we also offer life coaching to help them overcome personal challenges. We ensure they work smarter not harder!

Our Entrepreneurs and their teams look to us for: