Technology & Media

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In the ever-changing world of tech and media, a product can move from concept to consumer in as little as three months. Innovation and a reliable, cost-effective supply chain are key success factors for company‚Äôs in the tech and media industries. In this environment, it is imperative to have a t partner who understands the industry, is comfortable in the complex technology marketplace, and experienced in exposures associated with foreign manufacture, outsourcing, intellectual property and cyber risk. The intensity of government scrutiny and regulation of these industries must also be expertly managed as part of a company’s profile.

In the last 20 years, we have progressed from fixed-line telephony and television advertising to mobile ubiquity and Internet blogs. These evolving technologies are playing increasingly greater roles in business models across numerous industries, and it seems only fitting that Technology and media is at the forefront of many of these developments.

Our Technology and Media division provides our portfolio companies with insights and services covering a wide range of areas. We evaluate current trends and possible exposures and potential risks to design the optimum business model. We analysing the businesses needs, creating best fit solutions and access the necessary resources worldwide required to make the business sustainable.

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