Wells & Pinnacle

Wells & Pinnacle

Wells & Pinnacle manufactures and distributes its own brand luxury natural and organic bath soaps (bars and liquid), hand wash, body cream and candles. We also manufacture/distribute under license the MicroFresh Technology which destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Our natural soaps are 100% organic and natural. They are scented with either essential oils or natural fragrance. You can chose coloured soaps with mineral colorants, or no added colour. We also manufacture natural liquid soaps, shower gels, lotions, and candle based on your specifications.

Wells & Pinnacle (W&P) wide range of products include world renown 100% organic bath soaps and liquids, liquid hand soaps, shower gels, exfoliants, bubble baths, sugar and salt scrubs, lotions, hand creams, face creams, face cleansers, candles, incense, solid perfumes, eau de toilette, room sprays and much more. We have a strong focus on growing our category of safe, natural, earth-friendly products and have helped bring a number of natural and organic certified soaps and cleaning product brands to the marketplace.

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