Empire Builders Academy

Empire Builders Academy

Empire Builders Academy is an Executive Coaching and Mentoring services to Senior Black Professionals globally. We have a unique method and set of tools that have been tried and tested by our CEO, over the years with proven success.

The shortage of Blacks in senior management and executive positions is a worldwide phenomenon. Many Black individuals find themselves lacking the necessary technical and soft skills to operate effectively in organisations. Coaching and/or Mentoring has been proven to fill these gaps and overcome some of the social and perceived hindrances and stereotypes faced by many black professionals.

At Empire Builders Academy we use tested and proven methods to help you develop the vital tools, skills and knowledge to prepare and inspire you as a black professional to become successful, whether in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur.

Coaching and Mentoring is a proven way to enhance personal inspiration, increase confidence and develop leadership skill. Our high-impact 1-to-1 Executive coaching or Mentoring sessions will equip you to get to the top, and stay there.

The challenges that go with being an executive, a senior manager, team leader, business owner or professional can be stressful and we will show you how to ensure you can manage that pressure with skill, pose and confidence to create amazing (CA) results, become a subject matter expert (SME), and leave a memorable experience (LME).

Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring will Help You to:

-Improve your personal and business relationships
-Develop your leadership skills
-Improve your skills in influencing others
-Motivate and inspire your staff
-Grow high-performance teams
-Come out of your comfort zone
-Manage your work stress

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