Our Industries

The Aspyre Group professionals bring deep industry expertise gained from countless hands-on experiences spanning functions, sectors, and geographies. We draw on tested research methodologies, analytical tools, and strategic frameworks to provide context, but weigh findings against our personal knowledge of how an industry actually works.

Our industry experience and innovative thinking combine to move our recommendations beyond formula and orthodoxy and pinpoint the best and most practical course of action.

If you need more in depth knowledge on the various services we provide, please contact us.

Business Services

The business services industry is exactly as it sounds: companies providing business-related services to fellow companies. Companies in this industry offer a variety of services, including marketing and advertising, consulting, legal services, logistics and shipping, human resources, staffing, leasing, security, outsourcing, and facility management.

At Aspyre we believe the Business Services sector will continue to demonstrate strong defensive qualities such as earnings and margin resilience linked to long term growth and contract relationships. Read More…

Consulting & Education

We link management consulting and education, because the business we look to invest in tend to have strong cross-over in these two areas, and we also find that they tend to offer similar and complimentary services. 

These firms provide a broad range of services, from help in defining strategies to implementing large-scale IT and change programmes, and from coaching and training individuals and teams, to providing expert advice in specialised fields. Read More…

Consumer & Retail

 More than ever, there is a fundamental and permanent shift in consumer shopping desires and patterns. Given these changing dynamics in the global retail market space, businesses in the consumer and retail space need to re-think not only their business forecasts but also their business models.

Our Retail and Consumer specialist provides a wealth of expertise drawn from teams of specialised professionals who provides multi-disciplinary, industry-specific solutions to our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.

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Financial Services

These are businesses providing financial services, such as banking, insurance and financial advice, accountancy services, including audit, assurance, tax and advisory services, and money transfers. There are far more small to medium-size enterprise (SME) providing these services than larger companies.

One of the key attributes that has drawn entrepreneurs to this sector over the years is the agility. Much like a downhill skier who needs to absorb the terrain to excel, these entrepreneurs excel by navigating the uneven conditions within the sectors. These include changing government regulations, loss in confidence etc. Over the past few years however, the landscape has levelled off significantly and there is now a growing trend that confidence and profitability is rising. Read More…

Health & Beauty

The health and beauty industry is being increasingly perceived as a core product by hypermarket and supermarket operators to help drive footfall and create a beneficial halo effect for other associated health and wellness areas. As a result, this has put increasing pressure on health and beauty specialists to respond and underline their benefits in the face of rising competition.

Most crucially as well, consumers are increasingly focusing on their image, thus looking to establish their own identity and personal status. This has developed not only through the rise of social media, where everyone is building their own brand, sharing information from their lives as well as voicing their opinions, but also through increasingly seeking products, services and experiences tailored to the individual. Read More…

Manufacturing & Agriculture

Our sectors for global growth and expansion is the Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors. Emerging markets such as Africa and the Caribbean are prime target markets for this.

Africa has about 27% of the world’s arable land. Yet many African countries import food and agricultural products from outside the continent. From 2007 to 2011, 37 countries were net food importers and 22 were net importers of agricultural raw materials. Only about 17% of the continent’s world trade in food and live animals took place within Africa. Read More…

Technology & Media

In the ever-changing world of tech and media, a product can move from concept to consumer in as little as three months. Innovation and a reliable, cost-effective supply chain are key success factors for company’s in the tech and media industries.

In this environment, it is imperative to have a partner who understands the industry, is comfortable in the complex technology marketplace, and experienced in exposures associated with foreign manufacture, outsourcing, intellectual property and cyber risk.

The intensity of government scrutiny and regulation of these industries must also be expertly managed as part of a company’s profileRead More…