One Approach


Create Value

The ASPYRE Group is a venture firm with a portfolio of companies mainly in Europe but also with strong focus on emerging markets such as the Caribbean and Africa. For our investors, entrepreneurs and partners, we are patient investors and experienced operating executives who are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help get things done.

We bring our extensive industry and government networks to accelerate sales, build strategic partnerships and help the companies in the group be successful. We work as an extension of our companies while giving our entrepreneurs the flexibility to pursue their dreams. For us success is paramount. We invest across all stages of a company’s development, with a
focus on:

> Passionate entrepreneurs with disciplined management teams
> Great products proven in the field
> Excited and engaged customer base
> Prospects for established revenues and high gross margins
> Capital efficient business models

Aspyre Creates Value

Value creation is at the core of our existence. We invest in companies, and work to make them better and profitable. Using our winning culture, deep industry knowledge, operations expertise and market intelligence Aspyre creates and executes a customised value creation plan for each of our portfolio companies.

Aspyre Invest Wisely

We work for our investors. That is the bottom-line. We ensure that we conduct detailed due diligence and pick companies with a very high probability of success, as we know our investors rely on us to achieve premium returns on their invested capital. Our investors range from wealthy individuals and families to the everyday working class person. Through our array of portfolio companies, we work to meet the dynamic needs of our investors and partners.