Manufacturing & Agriculture



Our sectors for global growth and expansion is the Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors. Emerging markets such as Africa and the Caribbean are prime target markets for this.

Africa has about 27% of the world’s arable land. Yet many African countries import food and agricultural products from outside the continent. From 2007 to 2011, 37 countries were net food importers and 22 were net importers of agricultural raw materials. Only about 17% of the continent’s world trade in food and live animals took place within Africa.

But the greater long-term opportunity, and bigger challenge, is to improve industry to provide the goods for which there is increasing demand. Africa accounts for only 1% of global manufacturing. In our opinion the combined national markets of the continent should be enough customers to support the manufacture of cars, machines and electronic goods, and produce food to feed it self and export.

One of the greatest weakness in these markets is the private sector, and the lack of expert knowledge required to operate at a level that is large enough to be effective, sustainable and profitable. Our intention is to bring expert knowledge, support and capital investment to local entrepreneurs in these markets to start or further develop and grow businesses their businesses in these sectors.

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