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The health and beauty industry is being increasingly perceived as a core product by hypermarket and supermarket operators to help drive footfall and create a beneficial halo effect for other associated health and wellness areas. As a result, this has put increasing pressure on health and beauty specialists to respond and underline their benefits in the face of rising competition.

Most crucially as well, consumers are increasingly focusing on their image, thus looking to establish their own identity and personal status. This has developed not only through the rise of social media, where everyone is building their own brand, sharing information from their lives as well as voicing their opinions, but also through increasingly seeking products, services and experiences tailored to the individual. From artisan and bespoke fragrances to exclusive launches in particular retailers or limited editions, the health & beauty industry has been introducing new products to cater for this demand. The strong growth of super-premium fragrances even in resent years highlights this trend.

Furthermore, the leading category, skin care, has been the main focus of the growing trend in the industry. Its evolution from simple products to devices and even diagnostic skin services that promise bespoke skin care shows consumers’desire for personalisation. Skin care has seen the introduction of even more targeted solutions, e.g. serums and even bespoke services tailored to the consumer’s needs. Adding to this mix has been the variety of offerings aimed at consumers of a specific age, such as the over 50s, over 30s, pre-teens etc. You just need to take a look in the market place to see the recent product launches from both small and larger brands.

With consumers more knowledgeable and demanding than ever before, targeted offerings and services are becoming a vital tool to gain competitive advantage. We work with our entrepreneurs in this industry to ensure they gain that competitive edge.

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