Godfrey Lennon - Co-Founder & Executive Chairman


Godfrey Lennon is Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Aspyre Group. Godfrey is a serial entrepreneur and has been operating and advising small businesses for over 35 years. In addition to his current role as Executive Chairman of Aspyre Group.He is also CEO of The Accounting Group (TAG) an Accounting practice he founded 7 years ago.

Prior to TAG he was Managing Director of ABS Accounting for 5 years. Godfrey also has extensive experience in the media industry where he was Finance Director of Inspiration TV and then became Finance Director and shareholder of the renowned Sky channel BEN TV, helping them to get established and on-air.

Godfrey established The Accounting Group as a small start-up accountancy practice to support small businesses, and over the years has transformed it into a practice now serving over 3000 SME clients from a variety of industries. The uniqueness of Godfrey’s abilities includes being able to have a global perspective of company issues allowing him to give strategic guidance and advice to countless SMEs, so they grow and flourish.

Godfrey’s vision is to watch the unfolding of new and existing businesses grow from strength to strength. Godfrey is also Chairman of Aspyre Corporation plc and is Non-Executive Director of numerous other companies and Chairman of the Ardhmeria Charity. Godfrey is a practicing Accountant with a FTCA background specialising in taxation and also manages a team of Chartered Accountants. He is married with 2 daughters.