Financial Services


These are businesses providing financial services, such as banking, insurance and financial advice, accountancy services, including audit, assurance, tax and advisory services, and money transfers. There are far more small to medium-size enterprise (SME) providing these services than larger companies.

One of the key attributes that has drawn entrepreneurs to this sector over the years is the agility. Much like a downhill skier who needs to absorb the terrain to excel, these entrepreneurs excel by navigating the uneven conditions within the sectors. These include changing government regulations, loss in confidence etc. Over the past few years however, the landscape has levelled off significantly and there is now a growing trend that confidence and profitability is rising.

SME entrepreneurs operating in this sector needs to be leaders and meet these market demands, along with those of an ever-shifting regulatory landscape.  They need to look and to stay agile to attract more business. Given the perennial importance of reputation in this industry, they will also need to ensure their risk management approach is mature to reflect today’s increasing complexity.

Aspyre being born from the merger of a long standing a reputable accounting practice, has years of expert knowledge and resource that can be levied to provide our entrepreneurs with the best in class.

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