Consumer & Retail



More than ever, there is a fundamental and permanent shift in consumer shopping desires and patterns. Given these changing dynamics in the global retail market space, businesses in the consumer and retail space need to re-think not only their business forecasts but also their business models.

Our Retail and Consumer specialist provides a wealth of expertise drawn from teams of specialised professionals who provides multi-disciplinary, industry-specific solutions to our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.

We help the businesses in our portfolio who are in the Retail and Consumer industry to invest in developing a consumer centric business model to get cost under control and reduced, implementing multichannel strategies, perfect supply chain, refine customer data and mange site locations.

The fundamental change in the structure of the global economy, the consumer’s shifting disposal income, the rise in commodity prices, and evolving technologies will shift the manner in which consumer businesses obtain sustainable growth. We ensure that we the business we invest in evolve and not be left behind.

How we do this

Contact us if you want to hear more about how we support our entrepreneurs in this sector or how one of our portfolio business in this sector can support you and your business.


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