Business Services


The business services industry is exactly as it sounds: companies providing business-related services to fellow companies. Companies in this industry offer a variety of services, including marketing and advertising, consulting, legal services, logistics and shipping, human resources, staffing, leasing, security, outsourcing, and facility management.

At Aspyre we believe the Business Services sector will continue to demonstrate strong defensive qualities such as earnings and margin resilience linked to long term growth and contract relationships.

In addition we believe there is potential for leading operators/businesses within this sector to capitalise on attractive growth opportunities, for example the increasing prominence of outsourcing arising out of the current global financial and economic situation.

Firms will need to find new and innovative ways to deliver services if they are to meet the changing demands from clients. Making the best use of technology will also be key to future success as will finding more efficient ways of managing their most important asset –their people.

Our ability to support portfolio businesses within this sector with ambitious growth plans, by deploying resources and capital is an important role in the next phase of evolution of their business model in the sector. We believe that leading operators are going to find opportunity in their particular areas.

Contact us if you want to hear more about how we support our entrepreneurs in this sector or how one of our portfolio business in this sector can support you and your business.


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