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How to Influence Buyers and Win Friends

One of my favourite books on selling is Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. It may sound like a theoretical text book but, trust me, it’s a great read. In his book, available through Amazon, CLICK HERE Cialdini gives example after example of crafty ploys people get us to act the way they want us to. In one experiment he sets up a queue for the photocopier in a large office. The […]

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The Power of I Like You

Just as you can admire a tall tree without being able to see all the complicated system of roots that lets the tree survive, you can also experience the most simple expressions of others without realizing how these are motivated by a series of complex factors that lets them thrive as a human being. When someone either in your professional life or social life looks at you and says, “I like […]

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How quickly can you deliver?

I read an interesting article last week about customers’ expectations on delivery – not surprisingly “allow 28 days for delivery” is out. Remember, a lot of customers take a huge leap of faith in ordering from a company they might not know. They almost expect to be ripped off and if they don’t hear back from you quickly a larger percentage than you would expect will start cancelling their payments. You can […]

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