The Power of I Like You

The Power of I Like You

Just as you can admire a tall tree without being able to see all the complicated system of roots that lets the tree survive, you can also experience the most simple expressions of others without realizing how these are motivated by a series of complex factors that lets them thrive as a human being.

When someone either in your professional life or social life looks at you and says, “I like you,” for example, are they just being polite? Or, does saying “I like you” serve a purpose for them that dwells as deeply as the roots of a tall tree?

When someone says I like you, it may just be because they really do. Pure and simple! They have a way of realizing deep in their heart that you are a good person who is worthy of love, attention, friendship, and in need of some inspiration. This is probably the main reason why saying “I like you”, is most difficult to accept by others, because people often thinks there is an ulterior motive. If I like you is said in its purest and truest form then it has no motives even though we live in a world that does have motives. Pure of heart people can often be misunderstood the most as a result of this.

When someone says I like you, they aren’t really trying to fall back on a desperate naiveté, or ‘some people pleasing attitude’ that will guarantee that you will like them back. Instead, they might be keenly aware of the factors in life that cause intense emotional hurt and are relying on the simplicity of care and friendship to offer support and be the saving grace for all concerned, displaying unconditional love.

When someone says I like you, they might have developed a sense of intuition through years of experience that tells them you are a hurting person just as they are. They say I like you because they want you to know they are a harmless person. They also want to open doors for you to feel reassured. They want you to know genuinely that they are there to support and guide you if you need it. This is especially true in business.

When someone says I like you, they might quite simply be a lonely person and are hoping that you’ll say, “I like you”, back.

In truth, people are many things, and the things they say can only skim the surface compared to the depth of why they say it. I like you is a powerful way of expressing your thoughts, affection and interest in someone.

The roots of a tall tree go deep. The feelings of a smiling person goes just as deep as well. This is because a smiling person has learned to tell the difference between the value of a smile and the tedious monotony of selfish and mean-spirited behavior.

And so, the next time someone looks at you, smile and says, “I like you,” you should smile and say, “Thank you, I like you, too.”

Life will be happier!

Romeo Effs is Founder & CEO – Aspyre Group UK. An Author, and an Inspirational Speaker.

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